Green vision
90% vineyards, 10% cellar, 100% sustainability

A holistic approach to viticulture and winemaking, this is what “Green Vision” means for Poggio Torselli; vineyards as part of a bigger organism, interconnected with all living things. A strong, indissoluble bond between vines and land, nature and human beings.
More than just organic, Poggio Torselli’s philosophy is a deeply sustainable approach to farming and viticulture; made out of respect and profound understanding of vine’s natural lifecycle and wellbeing, in every season and over the years for the future generations to come.
A “Green Vision” not just as a set of practical methodologies, but as a long term plan with the ultimate goal of reaching the perfect balance in the vineyards between the soil, the plants and the surrounding environment till reaching a fully self-sustaining system.

Nature’s wellbeing and harmony as a permanent marker in all our wines’ DNA.

Both in the vineyards and in the cellar our job is to support the terroir in expressing itself at its best, without interfering, but rather tuning our intervention to its voice and needs.


The first step to this approach has been a thorough process of zonation – the identification of plots and micro-plots accordingly with different soils, expositions, elevations and micro-climas.

The first “soils chart” has been redacted almost 20 years ago and it has soon become an essential tool to plan any future actions so as to enhance and maximise each and every vineyard potential and identity.

Winemaking: “Terroir driven”, minimum intervention wines

The respectful work done in the vineyard repays us through perfect bunches; healthy and full of aromas, they allow us to carry out only minimal interventions in the cellar.
The fermentation of the grapes is spontaneous with the use of indigenous yeasts only and no additives of any kind are used in the cellar apart from small quantities of sulfur dioxide at the time of bottling.

The stay on the lees is one of the fundamental steps to increase softness and complexity, but it also plays an essential role in protecting the wine, allowing to drastically reduce the use of sulphites.

At the moment the wines are subjected to a delicate clarification and a light filtration, but the goal over time is also the elimination of this type of intervention.

The use of wood is minimally invasive, largely done using large barrels and used barriques.
The result is a wine with a well-defined personality and which passionately tells the story of this extraordinary territory.

The numbers

The estate is located in the very heart of Chianti Classico and spans over 24 hectares, divided into 11 plots.
Sangiovese is the main grape variety, along with small quantities of mostly Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot for the red grapes and Chardonnay, Sauvignon e Gewürztraminer for the whites.

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