General Sales Conditions

The following “General Sales Conditions” govern the sale of products sold by Poggio Torselli s.r.l. Società Agricola (from here on referred to as “Poggio Torselli”).

  1. Poggio Torselli reserves the right to refuse orders that are, according to its own undisputable judgement, incompatible with its sales politics.
  2. Poggio Torselli is solely mandated to exercise services specified in the order.
  3. Prices of products refer to the price list valid at the moment in which the offer is accepted by the Buyer or when the order is confirmed by Poggio Torselli.
  4. Poggio Torselli withholds the right to modify at any time the price list, concurrent to a communication to the Buyer, in the case in which there is an increase in the cost of raw goods, of labor, or of any other factor determining a significant increase of production costs. Poggio Torselli commits to communicating a change promptly so that she may, eventually recede from the purchase. Should prices change, products will be delivered after the client has confirmed its acceptance.
  5. Prices are always meant ex cellar unless previous different agreements were made between the parties.
  6. Prices, delivery terms, and other information provided by our representatives are valid unless other communication from Poggio Torselli is supplied.
  7. All orders are subject to a preemptive acceptance by Poggio Torselli, once goods are confirmed to be in stock.
  8. Availability: immediate. Should one or more products be temporarily unavailable, Poggio Torselli reserves the right to divide the delivery of the order, shipping the available goods first, then followed with a shipping for the remainder.
  9. Shipping is done in packaging specifically made to grant the integrity of the goods.
  10. Shipping: shipping is done directly or through a courier as per shipping documents.
  11. Goods are considered delivered when accepted by the Buyer or one of its representatives. Buyer must exercise the right-duty of controlling the integrity of the package at delivery and communicate eventual issues to the courier’s representative. She must moreover confirm that the goods are integer, dry, non-tampered or damaged in any other way.
  12. Should the Client notice any damages or anomalies, she shall refuse the package(s) and promptly communicate to Poggio Torselli the unsuccessful delivery and the reasons. Said communication should be sent to citing the order date and the recipient, as well as the reasons for the failed delivery.
  13. The Client or its representative shall check, at delivery and with the transporter present, that the total number of packages matches what previously communicated.
  14. Goods are guaranteed only if the external packaging is integer.
  15. Complaints regarding the condition of the goods must be communicated within 8 days from delivery. Communication can be done through email at
  16. Poggio Torselli will not accept returns unless previously authorized. Should an authorized return regard a complain identified within 8 days from delivery, it will be responsibility of Poggio Torselli to organize and pay for the return of the package. The right of withdrawal is conditional to the goods being in intact and pristine conditions: as the goods are consumable, packages must not be open or tampered with.
  17. The Buyer shall pay for the goods without discounts or rounding unless previously agreed upon and clearly stated in the invoice.
  18. Payment shall be executed with methods and within terms stated in the order, or following other agreement with Poggio Torselli. Should a payment be delayed, Poggio Torselli reserves the right to apply the interest rate according to the current bank rates.
  19. Clauses in this document can be waived only through written agreements between the parties.
  20. Any controversy will be solved through the Court of Justice of Firenze.
  21. For any other matter not covered in this document, existing laws apply.

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