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Toscana Rosso Igt

The complexity of Poggio Torselli turns into daily freshness within.


Toscana Rosso
Typical Geographical Indication, (IGT)


Sangiovese in purity

Tasting notes

Bizzarria Rosso is bright ruby red in color, with lively highlights and clear violet reflections. The nose, elegant and clean, is dominated by the most typical fruit of Sangiovese with notes of strawberry, black cherry and balsamic hints. It features striking freshness and integrity of the fruit, straight and ‘vinous’. In the mouth the wine is surprising for its great cleanliness and simplicity of drinking, further evolving into a more mineral taste and a bitter finish recalling dark chocolate and spices.

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Soil and vineyard

Bizzarria Rosso with its engaging freshness represents the true expression of the territorial complexity of Poggio Torselli. The Sangiovese vineyards grow at different altitudes, terrains and exposures, expressing themselves through diverse microclimates. Overcoming the concept of viticultural zonation, the grapes come from several areas of the estate, carrying with them a unique and captivating heritage of environmental wealth. Average annual production: 6 tons/ha – 30,000 bottles.


The grapes, collected by hand in small crates, are harvested in the 3rd decade of September through a careful selection of bunches in the vineyard. The vineyards are subject to pre-harvest analysis and tasting of the grapes and pips, in order to verify the total phenolic ripeness as well as sugar content. Alcoholic fermentation takes place in stainless steel with indigenous yeasts and requires a maceration on the skins of about 20 days with controlled temperature (max. 26° C). After the racking, a very soft pressing (max. 1.6 bar) is performed, obtaining a product which already feels smooth in the mouth, with fresh and clean aromatic traits. During the refinement, the resulting lees are preserved for as long as possible through repeated and frequent ‘batonnage’ mainly performed in stainless steel, but in small part also in barriques of 3rd or 4th passage. During the pre-bottling phase, the wine undergoes a slow fining, with the addition of natural albumin and a light filtration.

Food pairing

Bizzarria Rosso pairs well with all kinds of meat (white and red), but thanks to its acidity and flavor it is best paired with mixed boiled meats as well as dishes with a higher fat content such as duck or very elaborate sauces. It is also excellent with fish soups, such as the typical ‘Cacciucco alla Livornese’, and spiced dishes of ethnic cuisine. 14 °C (57 °F) is the ideal serving temperature.


Poggio Torselli is into Organic Farming since 2017 and cultivates its vineyards according to the teachings of Biodynamic Agriculture.

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