Poggio Torselli Extra Virgin Oil 0,25 Lt.

EVO Oil 250 ml.

The spicy and delicate aromas of Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino and Pendolino olives in blend of true Tuscan flavour. Complex and intense displaying the typical notes of artichoke, wild rocket, and fresh-cut grass. In the mouth shows a remarkable length and a charming balance between gentle peppery notes and an harmonic slightly bitter finish.

10,00 (IVA incl.)

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  • Olive Cultivar: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino, Pendolino
  • Harvest: 2020-2021
  • Oleic acid maximum acidity: 0.20%.
  • Size: 0,25 Lt.
  • Harvest and processing: Harvest is done by hand into small crates and the olives are taken to the oil mill the very same day. Once the olives reach the oil mill they are immediately defoliated, washed and sent to a state-of-the-art 2-phase continuous cycle cold-press mill.
  • Pairings: nicely pairs with crudités, vegetable and pulses soups and charcoal-grilled meat.
    It is excellent on any kind of fish courses where its aromaticity enhances the flavours of the dish.