Chianti Classico Gran Selezione 2016 “JEROBOAM” in cassetta di legno


250,00 (IVA incl.)

Variety: Sangiovese in purity
Year: 2016
Lt. 3



Chianti Classico
Denomination of Controlled and Guaranted Origin (DOCG)

100% Sangiovese in purity

Soil and vineyard
The grapes are grown in our best vineyard, called “Montecapri”, which is about 15 years old and can therefore be considered in a complete productive balance.
It lies at 200 metres above the sea level, on a clayey soil rich of marine substrates of foliated marn, interspersed with limestone blocks. The rows of vines, reared in a cordon spur with a South exposure, are arranged in the direction of the slope. Autumn green manure crops of different kinds are used as a natural soil amendment, improving at the same time the hydrological structure and stability of the soil.
Annual average production: 20hl/ha – 5000 bottles.

Carefully selected grapes are hand-picked in to small craters during the first half of October, after a series of periodical analyses and samples aimed at checking how the levels of sugar, flavour compunds and Ph have progressed. Temperature controlled fermenta- tion with indigenous yeasts takes place in stainless steel tanks, with maceration on the skins for about 30 days. After the free-run juice is separated from the skins, it undergoes malolactiv fermenta- tion in wood, followed by an aging period of at least 30 months in French oack barrels of 225 and 500 litres, and in 1550-litre Slavonian oak barrels. During this period the lees are preserved as long as possible thanks to a regular stirring. Before being bottled, the wine undergoes a slow clarification, which is achieved both through fine filtration and the addition of a natural albumina.

Tasting notes
Chianti Classico Gran Selezione is dark ruby red in colour, changing to garnet with time; deep, compact and impenetrable, the colour keeps sparkling with pronounced highli- ghts. In the glass, the viscosity and the presence of tears are visible expressions of this wine’s great body and structure, balancing the relevant alcoholic component.
The nose is complex and elegant, but also capable of displaying the dominant aromas with a particular intensity and finesse.
The floreal notes recall rose and juniper, evolving into fine spices like cinnamon, tea and dried scents; it enters the mouth warm and dry, immediately showing its fascinating softness and complexity. The touch of acidity brings a hint of freshness, well supported by tannins which are not only solid, but also delicate and fine-grained, lending an overall harmony to the wine.
This is a wine of great balnce and longevity, reaching its peak in the bottle 10 years after its vintage year, with the emerging of more mature tasting notes and of a great, enveloping persistance.

Food pairing
Chianti Classico Gran Selezione is intended to accompany all major red meat: it is perfect with roasts, braised pot roasts or stews but also with feather and bristle game dishes. For exemple, it matches nicely the famous “Peposo of Impruneta”, a typical recipe of our land, but it also goes very well with hard, long-aged cheeses and with truffle or mushroom-based dishes. Ideal serving temperature: 18 ̊.

Since 2017 Poggio Torselli is conducted under organic farming methods and grows its grapes following principles of biodynamic farming. The natural revitalization of the lands is the primary goal of our renovation project.